The new offices of a construction business: a compact block, over a larger basement containing storerooms, and two floors that house the offices. The structure is developed through the intersection of two elementary building blocks placed at different angles: the compact body of the offices and the glass block fitted laterally. The latter is rotated 45 degrees and stands out from the building line, which forms the entrance hall with a double-height space, whose opposite corner crosses the wall at the back, thus creating the toilet rooms and reconstructing the uniform perception of the block. The facades are contained in an external face made of white ceramics tiles and featuring regular dimensions; while the doorways and windows are set in large cavities, obtained by drawing back from the perimeter walls and showing, accordingly, some parts of the bearing structure. The indoor space is designed as an extension between the different parts, all overlooking the double-height hall; the reinforced concrete and steel staircase connects the ground floor to the walkway of the offices on the first floor.  

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Santa Venerina


G. Chiaramonte