Casa a Macchia

The project reinvents the external relationship between the building and the garden around it. It adds the garage blockfinished in grey plaster to the main body of the house and on the north side creates a new courtyard, which evokes the spirit of the old yard, and gives direct access to the house. On the north facade, overlooking the new court, the main entrance of the residence is identifiable by a round arch; the entrance leads to an arcade, the distinctive element of the residence, resulting from the demolition of three small consecutive rooms, which divides the building axially. The arcade plays a central role in the new layout of the living areas on the ground floor, allowing the residents to enjoy theview of outdoor spaces, the entrance court and the garden. The land around the house has been landscaped, enhancing the height changes and distinguishing the areas where the pool is set as an ornamental tank so that it communicates with the arbour which completes the space and creates a hierarchy of places.




G. Chiaramonte