Casa MF

A villa absorbed in the landscape characterised by Mount Etna on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other. Pure box-shaped blocks, communicate with the landscape through glass doors and full-length windows in carefully chosenlookout points. The curved walls coated with stone material contrast the layout of the box. The hub of the living room is a cylinder that shields the staircase and links the basement and the mezzanine floor vertically. A large sliding door links the living room to the kitchen. When it is open, it creates a huge open space that overlooks the sea through a large balcony. On the west side, there are the toilets and the main dining room.  Continuing northwards, on a pre-existent slightly raised level there is the sleeping area. The basement is closely integrated with the garden. The indoor areas overlook the landscape and the outdoors continues in through the spaces. The outdoor areas are landscaped on various levels linked by lava rock stairs.


Giarre (CT)


Moreno Maggi