The hotel is set in a steeply terraced area, facing South-East and overlooking Mount Etna and the sea. The organisation of the architectural complex develops through the composition of pure volumes on two floors.  These rest, at different heights, on the terraces around a four-sided courtyard, a square with a view over the surrounding countryside.  They are fixed to the ground in part by imposing foundation walls in lava stone which evoke local building customs.  They are lifted from the ground by high stilts showing their artificial nature and creating deeply shaded arcades.  The system of arcades is in sharp contrast to the other architectural portions, with their horizontal minimalist lines.  A cantilevered shelter indicates the main entrance and dominates the prospect, taking the internal welcome area outwards from the reception.  The congress room, placed underneath the large courtyard is a large double height empty hall, covered from above by a pool of water with a transparent bottom which allows light to filter down, mitigating the greenhouse effect.  The spa is projected outside through large glass walls and the doubling of the swimming pool.  Landscape and built environment become one in the project of the garden-park.


15.600 mc


7.000 mq


Zafferana Etnea (CT)